Gift Guide - For Teachers

Amber Vest

We at Simply Sage and incredibly thankful for teachers, and we're sure that you are too! The influence of teacher is never forgotten. Here are some gifts to say Merry Christmas and thank you! 
1. Book Embosser - This is the perfect gift or a teacher or really anyone who loves to read! This is a cute way to add books to your library and emboss them with your name.  This one is from Etsy.
2. It's a Beautiful Day to Learn Tee - We have seen so many cute teacher wearing or shirts. It is a fun way to add verity and personality to teaching outfits. 
3. Cute Note Pad - Teachers are constantly writing things down from themselves and for the kids that they are teaching. This note pad from Amazon is the perfect addition to and class room. 
4. Letter Board - We mentioned this in another gift guide because we are literally obsessed. We think that it would be so cute in a classroom! We love all of the ones from Letter Folk, they have so many good options! 
5. Target Gift Card - This is such a cute way to give a gift card! And honestly who wouldn't love a gift card to Target?? 
6. Teacher Pin - This is seriously the cutest little pin that we have every seen! It would so cute pinned onto their teaching bag. The Etsy shop makes a bunch of different colors so make sure to check them out! 
7. Treat Bag - This is a super cute way to give a teacher a bag of all their favorite goodies!  
8. A New Planner - Rad & Happy has a planner that is just dedicated to teacher! It is so cute and such a good way to stay organized. 
9. Retro Teacher Vibes Tee - This is one of our favorites in the our teacher collection! The colors and design are so fun! 
10. Amazon Gift Card - We love this way of giving gift cards! The printable is also free! Paper Trail Design has super cute printable for all occasions. 
11. House plant - This sign is so pretty and such a fun. way to say that you are grateful from them as a teacher! Put it in your favorite house plant and you have the perfect gift from an outstanding teacher! 
12. New Bag - Every teacher can use a pretty bag to bring things from school home! We love this simple one from Letter Folk
See you tomorrow for more ideas! 
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