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Why button-up blouses are always a good choice

Why button-up blouses are always a good choice

Button-up tops are undeniably a staple in stylish closets, and it’s not hard to see why. Here are a few reasons these blouses have earned their spot in fashion history:



They’re classic. Whether Audrey Hepburn or Katharine Hepburn, all the A-listers have worn button-up blouses on the regular. When celebrities, who have unlimited access to myriad designers and styles, favor a single type of garment over and over, you know they can’t be wrong.

They’re elongating. Thanks to the vertical row of buttons, a button-up makes you look longer and leaner. It’s an optical illusion in which we’re happy to indulge.



They’re flattering. Today’s button-ups are cut to fit women’s bodies. When buying one, make sure you can button it and more your arms without any unsightly pulling or gapping at the buttons. If you’re especially curvy, it’s a good idea to buy a blouse that fits properly in the bustline, then hire a tailor to take it in at the waist for a completely custom fit that makes you look your best.


They’re versatile. Wear one with slacks or a skirt for a dressed-up, professional look. Wear one with jeans, rolled sleeves, and sneakers for a classic American-girl vibe. Or wear one under any sweater for a bit of preppiness. A button-up elevates most any look, so take advantage of that by layering it as often as possible.

Top photo by Serrah Galos on Unsplash

April 23, 2018 by Simply Sage Market
The latest bag sensation (and it’s perfect for spring!)

The latest bag sensation (and it’s perfect for spring!)

If you’re ready to switch up your purse for prettier weather, jump on the latest accessory bandwagon: the woven bag. This breezy, highly textured style made of straw, wicker, or even recycled plastic is perfect for spring and summer, and here are a few reasons we love it:


A woven bag evokes an island vibe. Something about this kind of bag just screams, “Beach time!” Even though it’s a style that’s been a favorite for carrying goods to the seaside for decades, more and more manufacturers are making sweet handbags and shoulder bags that look appropriate for daily use but still feel relaxed and a touch exotic.

Texture is in. Everyone who follows interior-design trends knows that texture is king; decorators are always extoling the virtues of baskets, woven leather, sisal and jute rugs, heavy wools, and more for the variety they add to a space. The same is true with a woven bag. Wearing one adds dimension to an outfit that’s different from a predictable leather or vegan-leather purse.

via—here's a woven bag in fun colors!

These bags are made from sustainable products. Even if you’re not an animal activist, it’s easy to appreciate that the environment isn’t negatively impacted by their manufacturing.

They’re affordable. A leather bag will set you back a sizable wad of cash, but woven bags can be purchased for less—sometimes much less. It’s true that big name brands are also producing these purses en masse, but retailers like TJ Maxx sell them with smaller price tags. That makes it easier to justify jumping on this trend for spring. *

Main photo via Boulevard West

April 16, 2018 by Simply Sage Market
High-waisted jeans: yea or nay?

High-waisted jeans: yea or nay?

They’re baaaack! Those high-waisted jeans your mama wore back in the ’80s are filling the stores and online shops, so let’s talk pros and cons:

Pros: Any pant that’s high waisted will hold in whatever pooch you might have. This is ideal for women who’ve had babies and aren’t feeling as tight in the abs. Another advantage is that when you bend over, the chance of skin or undies showing is pretty much eliminated.

Just because a pant has a high waist doesn’t mean you have to show off the waistband. When worn with drapey or flouncy tops, no one will know how high your pants sit, and meanwhile, those jeans will be supporting your midsection.

On the other hand, maybe you want to make a statement. High-waisted jeans are perfect for this! Wear them with button-ups, t-shirts, or lightweight sweaters and tuck in the front for an on-trend look.

Photo by Emmanuel Bior on Unsplash

Cons: High-waisted jeans make a fashion statement. They aren’t a classic style, so it takes confidence to wear them. If ever there were a time to try them, it’s when they’re plentiful in stores—that way, you won’t stand out as much if you’re feeling nervous about wearing a new style anyway.

Also, beware of certain washes that look more appropriate for juniors. Acid wash or highly distressed jeans usually follow the younger set; coupled with high-waisted styles, you’re likely to look less age appropriate than you’d like.

One more word to the wise: Make sure to take a good look at how your booty appears in high-waisted pants. Some brands or styles might pull up so much that you get a wedgie—not a good look for anyone. *

Dominant photo by Dario Valenzuela on Unsplash

April 09, 2018 by Simply Sage Market

Trends in little-girls' fashion

Little girls like to look amazing too! Here are some of the most popular looks for little ladies from toddler aged to tween:

Ruffles: The influx of ruffling in women’s wear is making a solid appearance in girls’ clothing too. For spring, look for tops with ruffled sleeves or peplum waistlines; for summer, check out dresses with a longer ruffle at the neckline that also acts as a “sleeve” because it covers those shoulders.

Florals: We’re always saying how feminine florals are, and that makes them perfect for little-girl wear too. Some of our favorite floral pieces are pastel dresses with a generous helping of blossoms. Check out what we’ve got in the store here.

Interesting necklines: Why wear a basic tee when you can have one with straps or keyholes at the neck? By adding interesting trim details, true wardrobe staples are elevated to statement pieces.

Vests: For the little girl who loves to dress up, vests are a great option. Whether fur or utility, quilted or fringed, it’s easy to find vests that match your daughter or granddaughter’s taste.

Acid-wash jeans: Those acid-wash jeans of your childhood are back. Choose a pair to cut the sweetness in extra-girly tops. They also add some edge to an outfit, perfect for the girl who prides herself on being a bit of a tomboy.

Bermuda shorts: Not all shorts have to be super short! Our Bermudas are perfect for families who value modesty. Snap up a pair in versatile denim and wear them on repeat until September.

Layered bracelets: The more, the merrier when it comes to bracelets. From chunky to delicate, friendship to DIY, bracelets are all the rage with the younger set. Stack them up to make a real statement (and to make your youngster very happy). *

Finally: Shop any of the cute styles in our KIDS COLLECTION online and get 25% off at checkout when you use the code KIDS25 from now until Sunday April 8th at 11:59pm MST.

Shop the collection here!

Our 'top' three picks for spring

Do you have the itch to buy a few new things for sunnier days on the horizon? These are our three must-have shirts for warmer weather:

Zipper pocket tee: Talk about opposites attracting! This shirt combines the edginess of exposed hardware and the softness of sweet colors like lilac, sage, and mauve. It’s blousy enough to hide figure flaws but fitted through the chest to flatter your figure. Wear it with distressed jeans like you see here or white shorts once the temps heat up.


Scalloped hem top: We are so excited about this blouse for one obvious reason: its scalloped hem. Seriously, could any detail be more preppily perfect for spring? The polka dots carry the look even further, and in neutral black and white, it’ll go great with jeans or a colored pencil skirt.

Striped ruffle sleeve tunic: Our love affair with ruffles continues, and this shirt fits the bill 100 percent. The sleeve detail takes this basic striped tee and kicks it up a notch into ultra-feminine and fun territory.

Exposed zippers, scallops, polka dots, and ruffles—you’re sure to be on trend this spring by adding these three tops to your closet today.

How to make an outfit work for cold mornings, warm afternoons

How to make an outfit work for cold mornings, warm afternoons

It’s that time of year when it’s freezing in the morning and broiling in the afternoon. How do you dress for this kind of weather? You make layering your best friend! Here are a few fun ways to make an outfit work for both cold and warm weather:

Invest in a jean jacket: The jean jacket is a classic and can be surprisingly warm. Seek one that fits and flatters when buttoned or unbuttoned and wear with all your favorite outfits. Dresses, skirts, jeans, and cutoffs can all look cute with a jean jacket, so it’s versatile to the max.

Cardigans, cardigans: There’s no better time of year for button-up or open-front sweaters than springtime. Stock up on shades that’ll go with most the clothes in your closet, and always grab one when you’re running out the door.

Shop this chunky open cardigan here

Cardigans are such a good bet because they’re often thin enough to stash in your purse (or at least drape over it) should you get too toasty. Shop cardigans HERE this week at 25% off with the code CARDI25 from now until Sunday 11:59MST.

Roll those sleeves (or pants): When planning your outfits for the week, don’t forget you can actually adjust your coverage by cuffing your sleeves or pant legs.

Pop-overs and button-up blouses like the one above are perfect for this—they look great with sleeves rolled or unrolled. And since ankle-length pants are all the rage, feel free to roll your pant legs too.

Don’t forget your springtime footwear: Slipping on a pair of sandals when mornings are brisk isn’t too bad, especially if you’re also wearing pants. But sandals look like spring and they’ll feel like spring once the mercury starts climbing. If sandals still seem a bit too exposed on chilly mornings, opt for peep toes or shoes with cutouts instead.

Feature photo by CHAN Y on Unsplash

Introducing this season's Simply Sage capsule wardrobe!

Not long ago we discussed the pros and cons of a capsule wardrobe, and for those of you ready to embrace a whittled-down, well-edited wardrobe, here’s this season's Simply Sage capsule wardrobe. Mix and match these pieces for endless new outfits that are so easy to put together.

Click on the images to shop or click here for the entire collection

Distressed skinnies. Nothing, and we mean nothing, goes better with virtually any top than these jeans. They pair so nicely with all four shirts we’re highlighting here, not to mention the jacket and vest.


Utility vest. Layering is in, and there’s no better time for layering than in spring. This utility vest features on-trend neutral olive and will add casual comfort to any outfit.


Bomber jacket. A good jacket is key for chilly mornings before summer rolls around, and this olive bomber provides a little structure and a lot of warmth to any ensemble. It also complements every single item in this capsule wardrobe—score!


Neutral tunic. We are LOVING cozy tunics that cover your bum, and this one is an essential you can wear multiple times in a week. Go casual by pairing it with distressed jeans or add structure by wearing the utility vest on top.


Joggers. A good jogger is the perfect blend of comfort and style, and these pants check both boxes. Worn with the striped shirt or a graphic tee, they’re a great option for running around town when you don’t feel like running around town (and we won’t blame you for wearing them to bed too).


A swing dress. The universally flattering swing dress is the on-trend silhouette this spring, and we love that it hides figure flaws but still looks dressed up because, well, it’s a dress. Change up the look by layering the vest on top, and make it feel a bit boho by wearing it with patterned booties.


Dressed-up booties. Booties are here to stay for a few years at least, and we love these with embroidery on the back. They’ll look chic with skinny jeans and a simple tee or with a casual dress.


A versatile graphic tee. For days when you don’t feel like dressing up, our graphic tees are tough to beat—and you can’t beat a positive saying to set the tone for the day. Change up the look by adding the striped long-sleeve tee underneath or wear with the bomber jacket for a sporty look.


Striped long-sleeve tee. It’s impossible to have too many striped tees, but if you’re going to choose just one for a capsule wardrobe, choose a neutral. This one will look great tucked in or untucked.


Floral blouse. When you want to look extra feminine, here’s our top pick. This floral blouse is dramatic with its black background and floral print, and the bell sleeve adds one more sweet detail. Cut the sweetness by layering with the jacket or vest, and wear it with skinny distressed jeans.

And because we love these items and our customers so much, we’re offering a big-time discount: For the month of March, buy any item in this capsule wardrobe for 25 percent off. Just use code SHOPCAPSULE25 at checkout.

How to shave 10 minutes off your getting-ready routine

How to shave 10 minutes off your getting-ready routine

Do you have a love affair with your snooze button? Follow these tips to get your day off to a good start, no matter how late you wake up:

Dry shampoo: Dry shampoo has come a long way since its days as a darling of nursing homes. Lots of women rely on their can of dry shampoo to cut down on the number of washes necessary in a week, and an added bonus is increased volume. A single can doesn’t cost much, but beware of spraying it too close to your head and ending up with visible whiteness in your hair.

Photo by Jazmin Quaynor on Unsplash

Minimize that makeup routine: A BB cream combines products like moisturizer, SPF, and a bit of tint to conceal complexion flaws. Keep a bottle in your vanity and make it a habit to apply every morning to cover all your bases in one step. Just dab on some lip balm and swipe on some mascara, and you’re out the door.

Lay out your clothes the night before: You did it in grade school, and you can do it again. Choosing the next day’s outfit ahead of time reduces that “what to wear?” frustration come morning. It’ll also help you stay on top of laundry because you’ll realize ahead of time if certain items you want to wear are buried in the hamper.


Shower at night: Not only will showering at night cut your getting-ready time, but it can relax and calm you before bed. Better sleep = an easier time waking up the next day.

Stash an easy breakfast: Don’t skip the most important meal of the day! Instead, stock up on yogurts, bananas, and healthy granola bars you can grab and go. And keep a small bag of nuts and dried fruit in your car for a quick energy boost.

Lastly, set your alarm for the latest possible time you can wake up; that way, you won’t be tempted to push snooze repeatedly and lose track of time.

Feature photo by Sonja Langford on Unsplash

Flower power! Florals we're loving now

Flower power! Florals we're loving now

Floral prints are having a major moment in the world of fashion, and we are more than happy to indulge. Florals are inherently feminine and full of color, and here are a few of our favorites we’re selling now:

This pink dress just drips with romance, and we love the bell-sleeve detail. 

This dress also comes in navy and this pretty ivory that's light and bright for spring. Since it's a midi, it's a fun length for when you're ready to start showing off those legs again. 

There's nothing more dramatic than the softness of florals set against a black background, and this 3/4-sleeve shirt proves it. It's a great transition piece from winter to spring and looks beautiful layered or going solo. 

For those of you still feeling the chill this season, choose our long-sleeved floral midi dress. It comes in four colors, and our favorite just might be this rich wine colorway. 

Get your flower power on! Use code FLORAL25 through Sunday to receive 25 percent off any floral item in our shop.

February 26, 2018 by Simply Sage Market

Feeling presidential? How to dress like a boss

Happy President’s Day! Whether you’re happy or not about who’s running the Oval Office, we can all be inspired on this holiday to be better leaders. And part of being a good leader is looking the part. Here are a few cues for dressing like a girl boss this year:


It’s all about the blazer. Invest in a good one in a neutral shade like navy or gray, and you can wear it with button-ups for a professional look or graphic tees and plaid pullovers for a more casual take that still looks sophisticated.

Blazers are available in lots of fabrics, and we recommend velvet for winter, linen for springtime, and cotton or polyester for any season. When choosing a blazer, make sure to try it on and button it up. When it’s buttoned, it should fit through the waist and chest, and if it doesn’t, consider having it tailored. A well-fitting blazer is one of those staple wardrobe pieces you can wear forever.

Try a pencil skirt. We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: Pencil skirts just make a woman’s body look good. Solid shades (like this one available in our shop) are obviously the most versatile, but add a little edge to your ensemble by pairing a bright colored skirt with a neutral blazer. Or for a trendier look, wear a patterned skirt instead; plaid is a timeless option, but florals show you’re up to date on today’s trends.


Don’t forget the heel. Celebrate your womanhood with a shoe that only a woman can wear. You’ve got options when it comes to heels, but for a presidential look, a stiletto is a safe choice. Gone are the days of matching shirts and shoes, so score a fashion-forward look by pairing a bright shade with a more subdued outfit. On the other hand, if you’re going to invest in a good pair of sky-high heels, cognac-colored leather looks legit with any color scheme, and you can’t ever go wrong with classic black.

For a younger look, try a chunky or stacked heel. Not only are they easier to walk in, but they’re a nice update if you’re tired of the same old skinny heel.

Now go forth and conquer! When you look the part, there’s no stopping you, kid.

We're celebrating spring! Score 25 percent off everything floral in our shop now through Sunday. Use code FLORAL25 at checkout. 

February 19, 2018 by Simply Sage Market