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Feeling presidential? How to dress like a boss

Happy President’s Day! Whether you’re happy or not about who’s running the Oval Office, we can all be inspired on this holiday to be better leaders. And part of being a good leader is looking the part. Here are a few cues for dressing like a girl boss this year:


It’s all about the blazer. Invest in a good one in a neutral shade like navy or gray, and you can wear it with button-ups for a professional look or graphic tees and plaid pullovers for a more casual take that still looks sophisticated.

Blazers are available in lots of fabrics, and we recommend velvet for winter, linen for springtime, and cotton or polyester for any season. When choosing a blazer, make sure to try it on and button it up. When it’s buttoned, it should fit through the waist and chest, and if it doesn’t, consider having it tailored. A well-fitting blazer is one of those staple wardrobe pieces you can wear forever.

Try a pencil skirt. We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: Pencil skirts just make a woman’s body look good. Solid shades (like this one available in our shop) are obviously the most versatile, but add a little edge to your ensemble by pairing a bright colored skirt with a neutral blazer. Or for a trendier look, wear a patterned skirt instead; plaid is a timeless option, but florals show you’re up to date on today’s trends.


Don’t forget the heel. Celebrate your womanhood with a shoe that only a woman can wear. You’ve got options when it comes to heels, but for a presidential look, a stiletto is a safe choice. Gone are the days of matching shirts and shoes, so score a fashion-forward look by pairing a bright shade with a more subdued outfit. On the other hand, if you’re going to invest in a good pair of sky-high heels, cognac-colored leather looks legit with any color scheme, and you can’t ever go wrong with classic black.

For a younger look, try a chunky or stacked heel. Not only are they easier to walk in, but they’re a nice update if you’re tired of the same old skinny heel.

Now go forth and conquer! When you look the part, there’s no stopping you, kid.

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February 19, 2018 by Simply Sage Market
The history of ruffles (and the men who wore them)

The history of ruffles (and the men who wore them)

It might come as no surprise that ruffles have a romantic past, but their journey towards becoming ubiquitous in women’s clothing came only after dabbling in men’s closets too.


Ruffled details were created almost on accident on Spanish soldiers' uniforms in the 1500s. According to this website, soldiers typically wore multiple layers, then cut their sleeve ends to show the fabric underneath. Clothing makers took that idea and added to it by sewing flexible strings into their garments; when pulled tight, the fabric became ruffled.


The name ruffle may well have come from the “ruff,” a starched and ruffled shirtfront high-society men and women wore in the 1700s. The look transformed and became subtler for men in that same century, and men began wearing jabots, or ruffled neckties, that stayed en vogue for decades and became the detail of choice for poor, wealthy, and everyone in between.


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The reign of Queen Victoria was the perfect time to wear ruffles as the era is known for its opulence. Women’s dresses were detailed with ruffles, and men also wore ruffles aplenty to fancy up their ensembles.


At some point, people began to think the highly ruffled outfits made men look effeminate, and that became a no-no on men’s fashion. But ruffles never fell out of favor completely for women, culminating in the super-sweet looks of the 1950s, when ruffles again became a standby on women’s dresses (think full slips, sleeve details, and peplums).


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And today ruffles are enjoying another resurgence, showing up on all types of women’s clothing and even shoes and purses. There is no detail more universally feminine that the ruffle, a girly feature that celebrates your gender.


Historical information via


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February 16, 2018 by Simply Sage Market
The most flattering length: Midi

The most flattering length: Midi

If your dress-buying routine feels a little Goldilocks—too short, too long, and very little just right—try out a midi-length dress. The hem of the midi hits below the knee, keeping things very modest but very flattering too.

The reason this length works for all women is all about tricking the eye. According to this website, dresses and skirts that show your entire calf elongate the leg line visually. It’s best to avoid any hem that hits at the thickest part of your calf, which is right in the middle. Same goes for hemlines that hit mid-thigh.

Stylist to the stars Emily Current told InStyle that “the most flattering silhouette with skirts isn’t about being extremely short or being extremely long, but about the middle. Skirts that hit right below the knee caps (rather than in the middle of the knees) and right below the calf muscles are two places that naturally look better on every woman.” 

Spring is the ideal time to stock up on midis. The length is appropriate for warmer weather, and the look can be changed up easily when layered with a cardigan or jean jacket. With that in mind, here are a few of our favorite midi dresses in stock now (click on the image to shop!):

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February 14, 2018 by Simply Sage Market
Workin' on that workout wardrobe

Workin' on that workout wardrobe

If your New Year’s resolution to get fit is getting harder to keep, treat yourself to a few new workout clothes that'll make you want to hit the gym.

The right underclothes. If you haven’t already upgraded your sports bra from the one you wore in high school, now’s the time! Nowadays sports bras are commonly made with thin foam lining in the cups, which helps keep the girls in check and not looking too perky during the cold months (if you know what we mean). Make sure to remove the pads before laundering, and because of the Lycra and/or spandex construction, it’s best to hand wash in cold water and air dry.  

A good pair of leggings. Don’t let hairy legs prevent you from getting on the treadmill! Since it’s winter, leggings are your best option on days when shaving doesn’t top your to-do list. So many options are on the market today—those with sheer panels or lace-up sides are popular and allow you to look stylish without exposing too much skin.

A cute top you’re comfortable wearing. Whether it’s a tank or a tee, choose a top (or three) that looks good with your leggings and keeps you as covered as you like. If you’re self-conscious about how much you sweat, choose very dark tops (black or navy) so sweat marks aren’t as obvious.

A pullover for leaving the gym without looking like a sweaty mess. Our favorites are those with thumb holes that'll keep you just a tad warmer in transit from home to gym and back again. A hood is a good idea too, especially when your hair is on the wild side or when you want to keep your ears warm while walking to the car. 

And if your joints are giving you grief, consider how long you’ve been wearing your workout shoes. According to the American Academy of Podiatric Sports Medicine (that means they’re foot experts!), four signs signal your shoes are past their prime:

  1. After 300-500 miles of running or walking, 45-60 hours of basketball, dance, or tennis.
  2. When the outer sole has worn away enough that you can see the inner sole.
  3. When shoes show signs of unevenness when placed on flat surface.
  4. When shoes display noticeable creasing.

In general, AAPSD recommends replacing athletic shoes that are a year old, whether they seem worn out or not.

Now no more excuses! Exercising can be fun if you dress the part, and it always feels good when it's over. 

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Photo by Andrew Tanglao on Unsplash

Coats that'll never go out of style

Winter is finally winding down, which makes now the perfect time to buy a classic coat on sale. As companies drop prices on winterwear, you’ll be able to snag a high-quality coat you can rely on for years to come.

Before you start filling your cart, let’s discuss a few timeless coat styles:



The trench: A trench coat typically has these features: a collar, epaulettes (you know, those tabs sewn on the shoulders), double breasting (aka two columns of buttons up the front), pockets, and a belt. Trench coats are long enough to pass your bum, which means they elongate the body beautifully, and the buttons help emphasize your length too. The belt keeps you cinched in at the waist, so you don’t lose your figure when wearing a trench.

Even though many trench coats come with belts that have a buckle, you don’t have to actually use the buckle; instead, try tying the belt in a knot or bow just as you would any other basic belt and leave the buckle dangling. It’s faster and looks chic too. 


The trench jacket is also a good go-to. Look for one in black or tan canvas, and you can wear it with anything in spring and fall. 

The moto jacket: This is the perfect piece for any woman who wants to add some edge to her look. The moto jacket is a cropped coat with a large collar and plenty of “hardware” in the form of zippers, often sewn in at interesting angles. The coat is close fitting when zipped but looks great left open too.   





The puffy coat: If the cold of winter really wears on you, invest in a puffy coat. These coats are quilted and full of either down or poly fill. They’ll warm you up for days and don’t have to look shapeless either! If you’re worried about how a puffy coat will fit, choose one with a tailored shape or a belt.


And while you’re at it, now is a good time to purchase puffy vests like these. With just a couple in your closet, you can go coatless as spring gets closer.

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Romantic looks for Valentine's Day

Romance doesn’t have to mean red. We pride ourselves in offering romantic, feminine options aplenty, and very few of them are plain ol’ red. Instead, for a night that inspires a little love, here are our top tips:

Florals are quintessentially feminine. We at Simply Sage are big fans, and that’s why we carry so many floral options. Check out these three, which are among our favorites (click on the photo to shop!):

Nothing’s more ladylike than a skirt, especially a pencil skirt. This silhouette will give curves to even the least curvy girls out there and make more shapely women look especially va-va-voom. Really up the ante by wearing a pencil skirt with a blouse you can tuck in, and all eyes will be on you (and your assets). 

Any kind of detailing feels ladylike and special, and our detail of choice lately is ruffles. This shirt sports ruffles midway down the sleeve—something we haven’t seen before but love.

But bows are fun too, and this top with its pussy bow is all kinds of saucy librarian. 

Now go forth and have the most romantic of Valentine's Days! 

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February 07, 2018 by Simply Sage Market
What to wear to bed

What to wear to bed

 You know the old adage: You spend a third of your life in bed, so your mattress out to be a good one. But the same goes for sleepwear! If you’ve gotta wear something to bed (or you want to for modesty’s sake), it might as well look and feel good. Here are a few pajama options we’re loving lately:

Thermals: Nothing’s warmer and closer fitting than thermals, the original fabric of choice for long underwear. While temps are tanking, cozy up in a pair of thermals (and if you’re feeling really cold, wear them under your clothes all day long).

Flattering pants: Just because you’re going to bed doesn’t mean you have to look like a slouch. Our polka-dot joggers are flattering and fun, and if push comes to shove, you can pull on your tennies and run to the store without looking like you’re in jammies.

Comfy slippers: One of the best ways to spend $15 is on comfy slippers. Having a pair of house slippers makes all the difference in how warm you are, regardless of the weather.

And don’t forget a robe. It doesn’t have to be made of frumpy terry cloth! Choose a fun or pretty one with silky fabric, pattern, and fringed detail. That way you’ll look good even when someone shows up at your house unannounced on Saturday morning.


Photo by Alexandra Gorn on Unsplash

February 05, 2018 by Simply Sage Market

The turtleneck is back!

Audrey Hepburn isn’t ever going out of style, and neither is the turtleneck. The classiest of tops, a turtleneck elongates your neck and adds drama without requiring a necklace. We’re seeing more and more turtlenecks in the markets where we shop, and here are a few of our favorites lately:

Slim-fitting turtlenecks always look timeless, but today more and more are blousy or bulky. Take a look at this sweater; cable-knit keeps it traditional, but the chunky fit makes it feel current (and is ideal for wearing another shirt underneath for extra warmth). 


Then there’s this option, which marries the boho-chic poncho with a turtleneck. The hemline is different enough to feel a little edgy but still looks classy thanks to the neckline.


To make a turtleneck feel fresh, it’s all about the details. One of our favorite new arrivals is this top with ruffle details. It’s ultra feminine but still classy, thanks to the neckline. The striped version is pretty fun too.


Mocknecks and cowl necks like this are hybrids of the turtleneck, so feel free to try these for a classic look too.

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February 02, 2018 by Simply Sage Market

Off the runway and into your closet: Oversized sweaters

The ’80s are making their way back into fashion, and one of the most obvious throwbacks is the oversized sweater.

We love the idea of a loose-fitting sweater, but the volume shouldn’t swallow you whole. Instead, we recommend blousy knits for sure, but just blousy enough to minimize figure flaws while still maximizing assets. Oversized sweaters look especially on point when worn with skinny jeans or leggings, so make sure the top covers at least a bit of your bum.


Of course, cardigans can qualify as oversized too, and we’ve got lots of them in the shop now. Some of our favorites include this fashion-forward dolman and this chunky open-fronted cardigan


Oversized sweaters look best when the knit is oversized too. Look for chunky stitching and fun details to take this look over the top. We are partial to this sweater with its grommets and lace-up details.

Have fun with this trend! With so many styles to choose from, oversized sweaters are a great way to show off your personality. 

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January 31, 2018 by Simply Sage Market

What's new in shoes

Shoes can change up your whole look, and here are a few of the shoe trends we’re loving lately.


Booties are still popular, and if you want to really be on the cutting edge, choose a pair with cutout designs like this.



Another detail that’s making booties a little more special is embroidery; we love Southwest-inspired designs for a geometric punch to any outfit. And we are celebrating the fact that more booties have a lower heel—so much easier for wearing around town!



If flats are more your style, we’re seeing less of a severe point and more of a rounded toe a la Audrey Hepburn. Ankle straps are still cool and will help keep your shoes on, even if you’re chasing around a toddler.




And don’t forget loafers. Whether leather, tweed, or animal print, loafers always look a little professional. Try them with skinny jeans and a pretty sweater for a no-fail look.




Other shoes that are “in” right now? Duck boots like we talked about here, and wellies like Hunters. Not only do these options look good, but they’re totally practical during wet weather.


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