What to wear to bed

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 You know the old adage: You spend a third of your life in bed, so your mattress out to be a good one. But the same goes for sleepwear! If you’ve gotta wear something to bed (or you want to for modesty’s sake), it might as well look and feel good. Here are a few pajama options we’re loving lately:

Thermals: Nothing’s warmer and closer fitting than thermals, the original fabric of choice for long underwear. While temps are tanking, cozy up in a pair of thermals (and if you’re feeling really cold, wear them under your clothes all day long).

Flattering pants: Just because you’re going to bed doesn’t mean you have to look like a slouch. Our polka-dot joggers are flattering and fun, and if push comes to shove, you can pull on your tennies and run to the store without looking like you’re in jammies.

Comfy slippers: One of the best ways to spend $15 is on comfy slippers. Having a pair of house slippers makes all the difference in how warm you are, regardless of the weather.

And don’t forget a robe. It doesn’t have to be made of frumpy terry cloth! Choose a fun or pretty one with silky fabric, pattern, and fringed detail. That way you’ll look good even when someone shows up at your house unannounced on Saturday morning.


Photo by Alexandra Gorn on Unsplash

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