The latest bag sensation (and it’s perfect for spring!)

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If you’re ready to switch up your purse for prettier weather, jump on the latest accessory bandwagon: the woven bag. This breezy, highly textured style made of straw, wicker, or even recycled plastic is perfect for spring and summer, and here are a few reasons we love it:


A woven bag evokes an island vibe. Something about this kind of bag just screams, “Beach time!” Even though it’s a style that’s been a favorite for carrying goods to the seaside for decades, more and more manufacturers are making sweet handbags and shoulder bags that look appropriate for daily use but still feel relaxed and a touch exotic.

Texture is in. Everyone who follows interior-design trends knows that texture is king; decorators are always extoling the virtues of baskets, woven leather, sisal and jute rugs, heavy wools, and more for the variety they add to a space. The same is true with a woven bag. Wearing one adds dimension to an outfit that’s different from a predictable leather or vegan-leather purse.

via—here's a woven bag in fun colors!

These bags are made from sustainable products. Even if you’re not an animal activist, it’s easy to appreciate that the environment isn’t negatively impacted by their manufacturing.

They’re affordable. A leather bag will set you back a sizable wad of cash, but woven bags can be purchased for less—sometimes much less. It’s true that big name brands are also producing these purses en masse, but retailers like TJ Maxx sell them with smaller price tags. That makes it easier to justify jumping on this trend for spring. *

Main photo via Boulevard West

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