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High-waisted jeans: yea or nay?

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High-waisted jeans: yea or nay?

They’re baaaack! Those high-waisted jeans your mama wore back in the ’80s are filling the stores and online shops, so let’s talk pros and cons: Pros: Any pant that’s high waisted will hold in whatever pooch you might have. This is ideal for women who’ve had babies and aren’t feeling as tight in the abs. Another advantage is that when you bend over, the chance of skin or undies showing is pretty much eliminated. Just because a pant has a high waist doesn’t mean you have to show off the waistband. When worn with drapey or flouncy tops, no one...

Trends in little-girls' fashion

Little girls like to look amazing too! Here are some of the most popular looks for little ladies from toddler aged to tween: Ruffles: The influx of ruffling in women’s wear is making a solid appearance in girls’ clothing too. For spring, look for tops with ruffled sleeves or peplum waistlines; for summer, check out dresses with a longer ruffle at the neckline that also acts as a “sleeve” because it covers those shoulders. Florals: We’re always saying how feminine florals are, and that makes them perfect for little-girl wear too. Some of our favorite floral pieces are pastel dresses...