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What's new in shoes

Shoes can change up your whole look, and here are a few of the shoe trends we’re loving lately.   Booties are still popular, and if you want to really be on the cutting edge, choose a pair with cutout designs like this.     Another detail that’s making booties a little more special is embroidery; we love Southwest-inspired designs for a geometric punch to any outfit. And we are celebrating the fact that more booties have a lower heel—so much easier for wearing around town!     If flats are more your style, we’re seeing less of a severe...

Winter must-haves

Winter must-haves

If the holidays left your bank account a little slim, make the most of your cash by buying what’s going to pack the biggest punch this winter. Just a few versatile additions can perk up a tired wardrobe and have you looking stylish.   First, if you live where snow storms are serious business, invest in a pair of duck boots (you know, like Sorels). These look great with a chunky pair of socks and skinny jeans or leggings, and if you choose a neutral pair with plenty of brown leather or gray felt, they’ll match just about anything.  Chunky...