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Off the runway and into your closet: Oversized sweaters

The ’80s are making their way back into fashion, and one of the most obvious throwbacks is the oversized sweater. We love the idea of a loose-fitting sweater, but the volume shouldn’t swallow you whole. Instead, we recommend blousy knits for sure, but just blousy enough to minimize figure flaws while still maximizing assets. Oversized sweaters look especially on point when worn with skinny jeans or leggings, so make sure the top covers at least a bit of your bum.   Of course, cardigans can qualify as oversized too, and we’ve got lots of them in the shop now. Some...

How to wear a graphic tee like a grown woman

How to wear a graphic tee like a grown woman

Looking hip is good, but looking immature is not. And when it comes to graphic tees, it’s easy to drift into the latter category without noticing. But women can wear graphic tees and still look put together and even—dare we say it?—sophisticated by following a few simple guidelines. 1. The first secret lies in layering. Keep things simple by wearing a graphic tee under a button-up or a cardigan. With the top layer unbuttoned or not, this will make your outfit look more intentional and less like, “I slept in and rolled out of bed five minutes before kindergarten drop off.”...

How to wear summer items in fall

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Don’t stash away those summer shirts just yet! They’re the secret to scoring the popular layered look this fall and winter. Here are a few ways to make the most of your summer clothes today: Stripes continue to be popular this fall, and you can wear any striped tee with a cardigan. Stripes and solids always look good together, so don’t worry about matching colors. That means … If you’re going to buy one piece that’ll stretch your wardrobe, choose a cardigan. The trending ones have open fronts—no buttons and more of a “free-spirit” look. For a more classic option,...