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Introducing this season's Simply Sage capsule wardrobe!

Not long ago we discussed the pros and cons of a capsule wardrobe, and for those of you ready to embrace a whittled-down, well-edited wardrobe, here’s this season's Simply Sage capsule wardrobe. Mix and match these pieces for endless new outfits that are so easy to put together. Click on the images to shop or click here for the entire collection Distressed skinnies. Nothing, and we mean nothing, goes better with virtually any top than these jeans. They pair so nicely with all four shirts we’re highlighting here, not to mention the jacket and vest.   Utility vest. Layering is in, and...

Capsule wardrobe: yea or nay?

Capsule wardrobe: yea or nay?

You’ve seen the blog posts: More women are trying out the idea of a capsule wardrobe. The basic idea is that by buying fewer, more versatile, and more cohesive items of clothing, you’ll save space and money. There are lots of ways to approach a capsule wardrobe. Some experts suggest wearing just 37 clothing pieces items for three months straight, and others recommend choosing 33 items including clothes, accessories, and shoes you can wear every season—that means four mini capsules for the whole year. Here are a few of the capsule-wardrobe advantages: Freedom. Instead of spending your morning staring at a packed...