How to wear a graphic tee like a grown woman

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Looking hip is good, but looking immature is not. And when it comes to graphic tees, it’s easy to drift into the latter category without noticing. But women can wear graphic tees and still look put together and even—dare we say it?—sophisticated by following a few simple guidelines.

1. The first secret lies in layering. Keep things simple by wearing a graphic tee under a button-up or a cardigan. With the top layer unbuttoned or not, this will make your outfit look more intentional and less like, “I slept in and rolled out of bed five minutes before kindergarten drop off.”

2. Another option is to wear a graphic tee with a blazer. This look proves the statement that opposites attract. A tee is so casual and the blazer so pulled together that the two complement each other.

3. A graphic tee can even look good with a skirt. When worn with a little jacket on top, the words will almost read like a pattern, so layer away and wear it to church or out to dinner.

When picking out graphic tees, tend towards those with thinner text. The bolder the type, the less classy it’ll look.

And pay attention to the message. You’re an adult, so it’s best to steer towards positive phrases. None of that “sorry I’m late; I didn’t want to come.”

Even if it’s true.

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