How to turn your closet into a mini dressing room

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Dressing up your closet can make the daily ritual of getting ready much more fun. Here are some of our favorite tips for turning your closet into a place you want to spend your time:

  • Lots of people swear by organizing their clothes by color. Start at one end with neutrals, then line up all the colored items in rainbow order. That way, if you’re feeling a little blue (or red or gray...), it’s easy to consider all your options at once.
  • Stash seasonal items away. Just like white space on a magazine layout, this will free up space for your eye to better see everything else. That means for now, you can store sandals, shorts, and sundresses in the basement or under your bed. Keep tees handy for layering.


  • Use shoeboxes to your advantage. Store your shoes in the boxes they came in, and make sure the labels are visible so you know which pair is in each box. If you’ve got a little more money to spend, consider clear lidded containers so you can stack them neatly and easily see which shoes are inside.
  • Don’t disregard wall space! According to, this is the perfect place to hang scarves; just hang a towel bar and drape away. The wall is also a good spot to install hooks for hanging necklaces, purses, belts, and hats.


  • Invest in shoe hangers (and we aren’t talking about only storing shoes there!). Blogger Anna Moseley recommends rolling sweaters and storing a couple in each section—they’re sure to stay put, and you can pull out the one you want without upsetting an entire pile of folded tops.


  • Add a few things just for looks. Hang wallpaper or a mirror inside your closet. Install a corkboard on the inside of your door and pin up favorite photos or sweet notes from your kids. Use a shelf as a perch for a pretty jewelry holder or your perfume bottles. And switch out all those mismatched hangers for a matching set. If your closet looks pretty, you’ll be more motivated to keep it tidy.

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