Three ways to tie a scarf

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Scarves are still in, and they’re a great way to turn a boring tee and jeans into a pulled-together outfit.

With blanket scarves like the ones we carry, the best way to deal with the volume is to fold them into a triangle, fold or roll them up, then tie. That way you won’t look like you’re wearing a blanket over your outfit.

Fold in a triangle...

... then roll.

With that in mind, here are three of our favorite ways to tie a blanket scarf:

 1. Turn it into a round scarf: First, tie the ends together in a square knot.

Rotate the knot toward your shoulder, tuck in the top "tail" of the scarf, et voila! An eternity scarf is born.


2. The pull through: Drape the scarf across your back and over your shoulders, leaving one end hanging a good 10 inches longer than the other. Take the long end and wrap it around your neck one time.

Then take both ends and pull them through the loop around the neck. 

This literally puts a twist in the way you wear your scarf.


3. The hidden knot: Loop the scarf around your neck with the two ends hanging down in front.

Tie the ends in a knot, then pull down the loop around your neck so it covers the knot.


How do you like to wear scarves? And what do you think about the shorter neckerchiefs people are starting to wear?

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