How our buyers forecast upcoming styles

Selecting Simply Sage product isn’t a matter of simply choosing pretty things. Our forecasters have developed an analytical eye and learned how to temper extreme runway looks with realistic ready-to-wear options. Here’s the quick-and-dirty on how they do their job: 

1. First, forecasters scrutinize fashion runways. New York, Paris, and London host some of the biggest shows, and shortly after, fashion powerhouses like Vogue and InStyle publish photos of designer collections.

2. Forecasters analyze these photos, and that’s when commonalities emerge. Forecasters are looking for themes—what’s consistent between collections. Usually a common thread is woven throughout the shows, whether it be similar colors, patterns, blasts from the past, or fit. The storyboard above shows how a forecaster might use images to highlight upcoming trends.

3. After research and analysis, forecasters figure out how to take extreme ideas and apply them to real life. Most of us will not wear a head-to-toe yellow velvet dress with enormous puffy sleeves and funky cutouts, but we might consider a form-fitting dress with velvet detailing. Most of us will not wear jumpsuits with pockets large enough to carry a baby kangaroo, but we do like reasonably sized pockets in a lot of clothes we wear. Forecasters take note of these things when shopping manufacturers’ wears.

4. Then it’s time to shop. Forecasters use current shows to shop for next season’s items. So even though the fall shows recently wrapped, forecasters take cues from the runway for items that will sell in spring and summer. And that’s always the way they look at the calendar, with spring and summer fashions together and fall and winter together.

The result? You get to shop for on-point fashion that works for real life.

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