Comfy clothes that don't look sloppy

Hey, we get it: A lot of you are at that stage of life where it’s all run and little relaxation. So feeling comfy is key, whether you’re chasing kids or working in an office. But that doesn’t mean sacrificing style! Here are a few tips for clothes that move and flex with you but still look pulled together:


Comfortable jeans (like these fun moto leggings) are available if you look. Scrutinize labels for this code word: “STRETCH.” Spandex can be your best friend when it comes to comfy jeans.


But jeans are not the only pant option! Joggers have come a long way and are one of our new favorites when it comes to pants. You can find joggers in lots of different fabrics, from slick to nubby to dressy. Bonus: These pants feel like pajamas but look more structured thanks to cuffs at the ankle.



Gone are the days of wearing sweatshirts that look like grubbies you’d wear painting. Today’s sweats are made sweeter with the addition of floral fabrics, ruffle details, and patterns like plaid. If you like to be warm and feel comfy during the winter, sweatshirts are your best bet, so stock up.



Any kind of unstructured top or dress is going to feel like a nightgown but flatter your figure. We love swing dresses for this exact reason, and there is no easier outfit to throw on in the morning than a swing dress (one piece and you’re done!). Baby-doll tops are another easy option, and the high seaming means shirts are tummy skimming—a look that’s feminine but feels like an oversized t-shirt. Win-win!


Tell us, what are your favorite comfy clothes? And what clothes do you wish were more comfortable? We love hearing from our customers and trying to buy the styles they seek.

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