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Winter is finally winding down, which makes now the perfect time to buy a classic coat on sale. As companies drop prices on winterwear, you’ll be able to snag a high-quality coat you can rely on for years to come.

Before you start filling your cart, let’s discuss a few timeless coat styles:



The trench: A trench coat typically has these features: a collar, epaulettes (you know, those tabs sewn on the shoulders), double breasting (aka two columns of buttons up the front), pockets, and a belt. Trench coats are long enough to pass your bum, which means they elongate the body beautifully, and the buttons help emphasize your length too. The belt keeps you cinched in at the waist, so you don’t lose your figure when wearing a trench.

Even though many trench coats come with belts that have a buckle, you don’t have to actually use the buckle; instead, try tying the belt in a knot or bow just as you would any other basic belt and leave the buckle dangling. It’s faster and looks chic too. 


The trench jacket is also a good go-to. Look for one in black or tan canvas, and you can wear it with anything in spring and fall. 

The moto jacket: This is the perfect piece for any woman who wants to add some edge to her look. The moto jacket is a cropped coat with a large collar and plenty of “hardware” in the form of zippers, often sewn in at interesting angles. The coat is close fitting when zipped but looks great left open too.   





The puffy coat: If the cold of winter really wears on you, invest in a puffy coat. These coats are quilted and full of either down or poly fill. They’ll warm you up for days and don’t have to look shapeless either! If you’re worried about how a puffy coat will fit, choose one with a tailored shape or a belt.


And while you’re at it, now is a good time to purchase puffy vests like these. With just a couple in your closet, you can go coatless as spring gets closer.

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