Announcing our Give Big Contest winner!

Thanks for all your nominations for our Give Big Contest. We were inspired by all the goodness out there, and we are excited to introduce you to Erin Lounsbury, the winner of our $200 shopping spree. Read her story below. 


If you’re Erin Lounsbury, single mom of four and winner of our Give Big Contest, there aren’t breaks in the day or weekends off; it’s all parenting, all the time. And she wouldn’t have it any other way.

“Motherhood is so fulfilling when I see that my kids are just really good people,” Erin said. “They are kind and honest and super thoughtful of everyone they are with, especially of me and my feelings.”

According to friend Holly Davis, who nominated Erin for the contest, Erin’s kids picked up their good traits from their mother. 

“She has been so positive, and her positive attitude she has had all along,” Davis said, adding that it hasn’t been easy for Erin to transition from being a stay-at-home mom to a working one. Still, “she’s always doing things with her kids. She’s really good at giving one-on-one time, which isn’t easy as a single mom,” Davis said.

When days are difficult, Erin said she relies on her support team to buoy her up. “One of my greatest blessings is being surrounded by absolutely amazing people—my kids, my sisters and parents, and my friends and other family members. They are the ones that lift me up and carry me when I’m down. They always know just what I need, and I will forever be grateful to each one of them,” she said.

But choosing to focus on the positive is something she does on her own, and it’s a conscious decision that helps her happily serve her kids.

“I try to be grateful for all the small things I have been blessed with every day,” she said. 

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